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New Feature: “Ask” Pages

We have just released ask pages on Project Diarrhea. Trisha and I are going to be answering your questions in your posts. We plan to show you whatever you plan on asking us. If you ask us to make FaceTime versions of certain board games to play with your friends, or instructions on making your own themed carnival, we are going to give those instructions in a post where you will also be featured – unless you say otherwise. This will hopefully make things more interactive and this should be very exciting: these new pages are at Ask Mayank and Ask Trisha, which can be accessed by scrolling over the “About” buttons above.


Christmas Village

I’ve always loved Christmas villages. Three months ago, my sister and I started a LEGO City Christmas Advent Calender and we kept adding its contents to the village. We usually make a Christmas village every year, but like with mostly everything else that we did in 2011, it was much bigger. Above is a picture of the entire village.

We built this in front of our fireplace but we extended it by adding two cardboard boxes in front of the edge of the fireplace, seamlessly doubling the size of the village. In the front, you can see the LEGO Toy Shop with the cars stuck in the snow, acting as a sort of parking lot. A robber is entering the Toy Shop and a Police Officer is catapulting things on to the robber. In the back, you can see the huge LEGO Christmas Tree that came with the Toy Shop set. You can also see other areas in the back, including the Lighthouse.

This is an aerial view in which you can see the Restaurant (the grand-looking Gringotts-looking building) as well as the other Toy Shop (we had three toy shops included in this village). The Lighthouse is behind the Restaurant. You can see sledders behind on the hill.

The Village Crossing Depot on top of the hill is one of my favorite things in the entire Christmas village. On the right is the Church and you can see a snowman and different snow vehicles in the ground as well. On the bottom, even though you can’t completely see it, is a campfire.

You can see the fireplace and Santa Claus coming out of it. We didn’t have enough time to find a proper place for Santa’s fireplace, as when the LEGO Advent Calender included it, it was already Christmas Eve. You can see the Fire Station and the Post Office too, as well as a dog near the Fire Station.

I’m going to leave this off with a slideshow. Some of the pictures will include bits of the Christmas tree that we did this year as well. If you have any questions about any of the pictures, Trisha and I would be happy to respond in the comments section. As of now, the rest of this is going to turn into a bit of a scavenger hunt. In the pictures, you can also you see if you can find the following:

  • Kids making a snowman.
  • Man carrying presents.
  • Can you see what’s so odd about the fishing hole?
  • Jack-In-the-Box.
  • A man in a top hat with a dog.
  • People knocking on the doors of the Village Crossing Depot.
  • Woman with a purse and a hat coming out of one of the shops.
  • SpongeBob and Patrick Ornaments.
You can also put in the comments section if you’ve found any of the following things. Thank you!

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The Future

I love Project Diarrhea, so I feel bad that I haven’t been posting as much as I really should on here. We’re planning on expanding this blog so much that it is unbelievable. I have a fascination with anything interactive – anything where the reader can participate. That’s what Trisha and I plan on doing with House of Anubis is to have a pick-your-own path thing, where you get to pick between multiple scenes at a time. I have different ideas of what to post next on here, and I would like you to pick what you would like to see next. This will help me realize what you are interested in seeing on here.

If you have any other crafts or carnival ideas for us, please let me know. I want to eventually make a weekly post thing where you can ask Trisha or me for a question or tutorial and we’ll make a post about it. Is that a good idea? I’d love your feedback! Thanks very much for reading and I’ll hopefully post soon!



So this christmas after about 3 years of trying we finally got a bamboletta, bambolettas are basically homemade dolls that are made of completely organic materials. and we actually got one and the reason it took 3 years is because of the fact that each one is one of a kind,and because they are quite popular. Her arms are much more sturdy than American Girls. So sturdy in fact that I can actually Hold her by her arms. The rest of her body is so sturdy too, her legs and her head are so tightly sewn on that if  I tried to pull them off I wouldn’t be able to (not that I would). And her hair is so fluffy and thick (its made out of yarn), I absolutely love her hair, that too is very sturdy. They come with a extra blusher (a piece of scrap fabric with blush on it), a bamboletta magnet, a letter, a picture, and a mini clothes pins.

This is the one we got, her name is Abby

House of Anubis: Episode 3 (Original Episode)

scene 1 who is rene zeldmen

rufus zeno: I am Rene Zeldman. You’re looking for treasure, right?

alfie: A ghost!

rufus: No I’m not a ghost. I’m an expert on egypt and i would like to help you with finding the treasure.

alfie: ok but why are you invisible

rufus: that is highly classified information that…that should not know

alfie: i’ll give you 20 dollars

rufus: deal! ok well 1.they just came out with an invisblity cloak and i wanted to try it 2. this way nobody will know my true identity.

alfie: well that was a was a waist of 20 bucks

rufus: here’s my number call me if you need help

nina: were you just talking to yourself

alfie: no there was this dude in a invisibility cloak and he said help us find the treasure

nina: how do you know you can trust this man

alfie: i dont know but you don’t know until you try it

fabian: he’s got a point…..get it becouse he’s holding a pencil

nina: ok thats just a terrible joke

fabian: no it is not

nina: i’ve heard that joke a billion times all different joke with the same meaning and it’s the worst joke in the world

scene 2 life is so complicated

nina: ok were here because i think that there might be another riddle in there alfie your the strongest sibuna you think you can open it

the cap pops open

alfie: ket is the place to find and there near the flames you must look behind

narator: two hours later

nina: what does ket mean?

fabian: here ket means fire or place of fire

alfie: i got it! ok guys reverse it and what do you get!?!?!?!?!?

nina: oh!

fabian: fire of place?

nina: ok fabian  do you see any thing i’m standing right next to

fabian: the fire place?……ohh the fire place!

they snoop around the fire place

victor: what are you doing?

nina: i wa…

victor: you know i dont like you guys snooping around the house and i want you guys in bed early tonight i want to hear a pin drop at 9:00

alfie: but…

victor: NO BUTS!!!!

nina: we will come back to this later

scene 3 the victor is so weird

victor: brother’s and sister’s the chosen hour fast approches and soon we will tip the scales of life and now we have our seventh member the one who will replace the betraier

the narrator: the next day later

alfie: all clear

they snoop around the fire place and nina and fabian bonk heads

fabian: sorry (smiles and chuckles )

nina: thats ok (smiles and lightly giggles)

alfie: there is nothing here….but i was so sure

nina: maybe we misred the riddle

alfie: maybe

nina: or maybe its just not this fireplace

fabian: its time to visit sam

victor: it’s that time of month guys time to give me your backpacks so i can see what you useless little children carry with you and steal any thing thats not suppost to be there

they give victor the bags and stuff in there pockets and victor goes in his office

victor: hmmm air freshener who would carry airfreshener with them……

alfie gets a text message from rene zeldmen aka rufus zeno


scene 4 sam, rufus, alixer and fireplaces

the sebuna’s walk into sams house

rufus: sam! sam! do you remember me

nina: i’ve never seen him with a visitor before

rufus: sam try to concentrate we’re talking about the old days

sam: i remember your face

rufus: thats good

sam starts crying

rufus: sam relax everythings alright i’ll go get you some tea

that night

nina: could that be a fireplace?…ok this is a real longshot but…..

nina puts her locket on the eye of hours printed on the wall and a secret entrance to the celler opens

nina: not that long i guss

alfie: wow

nina: its a secret exit with steps going down!

alfie: yes ket inferno

nina: what?

alfie: inferno hell, the clue ment down in hell

fabian: i dont know its really dark down there

they hear someone coming and nina closes the door to the secret entrance

nina: tonight after lights out…sibuna

everyone: sibuna

3 hours later they go down to the celler

alfie: a ghost

nina: more like a sheet

alfie: can we find a light switch please bad things dont happen when the lights are on

fabian finds a light switch and turns on the light

alfie: this place is freaking me out can we go

nina: not yet

fabian: not until we find the next clue… careful what you touch here guys i think there might be other little surprises down here

alfie: this place smells old and gross

fabian: guys look on the wall flames

nina: there near the flames you must look behind

alfie: thats easy it even has like a ring on it

fabian: that’s not any ring thats a heatherng ring its to tie animals to

fabian pulls the ring off the wall and looks inside the  hole in the wall

nina: seemed like such a good plan

nina spots the numbers on the ring

nina: look numbers hmmm…. a code?

alfie: sibuna

everyone: sibuna

victor opens the door to the celler

alfie: what was that

fabian: shhh

nina: hide

they hide in a cabinet

victor comes down the stairs and turns on the light

sibuna peeks out the cabinet and victor holds his elixer

victor: ahh there is so little left

victor holds it up…..

victor: to life

victor drinks the elixer

victor turnes off the light and


sibuna leaves the cabinet

alfie: lets go!!!

nina: what is it

fabian: i dont know

alfie: guys can we please get out of here

fabian almost drinks the elixer

nina: DON’T you don’t know whats in it


weird sceaming noise

everone: ahhhhhh

fabian: lets get out of here now!

alfie: now you listen

they get out of the cellar


House of Anubis: Episode #2 (Original Episode)

scene 1 what does the key open?

victor puts a feather on the door to the attic

victor: now i’ll know if anyone is going up there

fabian: hi victor ,how are you doing?

victor: GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW!!!!!

 fabian:  but i di…….

victor: GO!!!!!

fabian: SORRY!!!!

fabian leaves

nina: hi fabian wanna go in to the attic!?!?!?

fabian: i dont know i said like one word to victor and then he started getting all jumpy like he knew we were in the attic yesterday

nina: well we could go at midnight nobody is ever up at midnight!

fabian: hmmmmm………….ok lets do it tonight at midnight

nina: yaaaaay!!!!!!

alfie: hi what are you talking about?

fabian: we’re going to the attic today at midnight to find out what the key opens want to come?

alfie: sure i’d love to!

scene 2 secrets of the attic

nina unlocks the door to the attic and they go in and as the door closes the feather falls down

nina: so i just put my locket in here and….

the door to the secret room opens

alfie: WOW!!!

nina: sssshhhhhh you dont want victor to hear us

fabian: what about this large trunk

nina: ok i’ll try…

nina puts the key in and the locks too big so it slips

nina: hmmmmm….. lets try somthing else

alfie: what about this box

nina puts the key in and it turns and the box opens

alfie: what is all this stuff

fabian: i have no idea hey my uncle is an antics duiler i bet if take this stuff to him he will know what it is

a door slams down stairs and they get scared

nina: well i have got enough spookyness for one night.

alfie: i agree

fabian: lets go

they go downstairs and nina locks the door

fabian: have you thought about takeing this stuff to my uncle

alfie: why not?

nina: hmmm…. ok today at lunch time

scene 3 fabian’s uncle

they go in the antique shop

fabian: uncle bob uncle bob!?!? hello its me fabian and i brought some friends

nina: hello

alfie: hey

bob: so what brings you here?

fabian: we need some help see we got some really old stuff and we don’t know what it is can you help?

bob: sure

fabian: so what is this?

fabian shows bob a old caset

bob: those are phonographic cylinders from only the begening if the 20th centuiry or mini casets

nina: so there’s some thing recoreded on those things?

bob: there could be

alfie: do you have a meshene that we could play them on?

bob: no but i do have a pictuire of one somewhere i’ll go have a look….here it is

bob shows them a pic of an old caset player

alfie: hey whasent that in the attic

fabian: oh look at the time we should really go back to the house bye thanks for your help

bob: bye

scene 4 never thought of that

alfie: so i’ve been thinking what if we have like a club you know like a mystry solveing club

nina: good idea alfie ooooh and lets have a test like who ever can burn there favorite book is in the club

fabian: ok nina your on lunch time i’ll have my book ready

alfie: see you there……

later that day

nina: so we burn our books and say the speech were in sibuna

alfie: what is sibuna?

nina: the name of our club its anubis backwords.i’ll go first….i nina martin swere to protect anubis house and all it’s secrets

alfie: i alfie lewis swere to protect anubis house and all it’s secrets

fabian: i fabian rutter swere to protect anubis house and all it’s secrets

it starts to rain

alfie: we better go

fabian: hey lets go to the attic tonight and play the cylinders

nina: ok sounds like a plan

a puzzle piece falls out of the bag and nina picks it up

nina: any luck

alfie: nope

fabian: i’ve tryed every possable combonation

it splits in to three

fabian: exepet that one

everyone: when day time ends at midday thruogh tears of glass the eye shall see

alfie: i dont know but we’re going to the attic anyway so we can figuire it out there

nina: ok lets go now

scene 5 tears of glass

alfie: ok so i brought a audio recorder so we can record the cylinders on this

nina: good idea alfie…. so now what

fabian: we turn this….

the cylinder: my parints finally gave this house a name anubis its eygiption ,they are going away this weekend to eygipt i think,daddy said he is going for work but i dont belive him, but that means that i’ll be alone agian…. with him.

alfie: that is so sad and umm why is he crying.

nina: i think its over heres the next one

the 2nd cylinder: my parints died before they could go to egypt, the last one to see them was victor i know he murdered them, but i have no proof,  sometimes i see there faces in the mirror but i know thay are not there….oh no he is coming…..

fabian: there is one more here i’ll play it

fake cylinder: screaming noise

nina: i dont know ummm

nina pulls the horn off

alfie: that was scary

nina: thats pritty

nina points to a stained glass sunset

fabian: when day time ends at midday

alfie: hey midday is 12:00 right at 12:00 every day the chandeller turnes green and the light points to the wall maybie if nina puts her locket on the light it would open the wall

nina: ok lets try its 11:47 now so i’ll go down stairs and try it

nina goes down stairs and alfie and fabian stay in the attic.

 a clock rings 12:00 and the chandileer turns green and a light shines on the wall,nina puts her locket on the wall and it opens and they gets another puzzle piece

nina goes back in to the atic

fabian: how did it look down when the light shined through the chandilear

nina: amazing just wow!

alfie: what should we do now

fabian: i guss we should take our bows and end it


The End………….For Now

House of Anubis: Episode #1 (Original Episode)

scene 1 nina enters the house
Nina walks in to the house of Anubis
nina: hi victor
victor: hello nina
nina: i cant beleve im here!!
victor: lets go upstairs
nina: ok then you lead the way old guy!!
victor: dont make me mad (frowns)
nina: sorry (frowns)
nina and victor go upstairs
nina: ohh whats in there?
victor: thats the attic and if you go up into the attic or down into the celler you will be grounded and have to clean the toilets with a filthy toothbrush
nina: ohh you must keep your valubles in there i wont go up there dont worry (nina smiles)
victor: (frowns) here is your room in here your stuff has arrived i shall leave you to unpack
victor leaves

scene 2 nina the newbie
fabian walks in
fabian: hello you must be nina
nina: hello umm……
fabian: fabian
nina: ok fabian (smiles) hey have you ever gone in to the attic?
fabian: once but victor saw me before i could do anything
nina: well you think you could go with me tommorow night after everyone is asleep
fabian: sure nina!!
nina: ok great thanks fabian
alfie walks in
alfie: there you are i have been looking for you forever what are you doing here
fabian: just saying hello to the new girl nina
alfie: hi nina
nina: hi!!!!
alfie: come on fabian
fabian: umm… ill see you later nina
nina: bye

scene 3 nina meets sam
sam: hello nina
nina (confused): hello ummm……how do you know my name?
sam: why dont you come to my house for a cup of tea ,you can meet my brother
nina: ok lets go!!!
nina and sam go into sam’s house
nina: wow this place is very….old and……beautiful…ish
sam: i hate it it too
nina: o i did’nt say i hate it i said its old and…..never mind so why did you bring me here?
sam: take this locket it unlocks new secrets to anubis house i’ve held on to it for many years,dont let anyone see it and they will know about all your secrets,
nina: what does it do?
sam: well go in the attic and you’ll see that there is a thing that has the exact shape as the locket, and then put the locket on the shape it opens a room go in there get the painting of me and you will begin your journey.
nina: what journey?
sam’s brother: sam lunch is ready
sam: do you want to stay for lunch nina?
nina: no thanks i need to go back to anubis house now
sam: bye nina

scene 4 nina in the attic
nina: do you have everything fabian?
fabian: yep you?
nina: yes lets go
fabian: hold on how are we even going to get in we dont have the key
nina shows fabian a bobby pin and smiles
nina unlocks the door and they enter
victor hears the door to the attic close and goes in the attic
nina: so sam said that..
fabian: who on earth is…
nina hears the door close
nina pulls fabian in the secret room
fabian: do you think he is gone?
nina: i don’t know but sam also said to look for a painting of him
fabian: its behind you
nina: thanks
nina takes the painting down
nina: hmmmmm where could it be
fabian: what are you even looking for nina
nina: i have no idea
nina turns the painting and fabian sees the hieroglyphics behind the painting
fabian: wait what is that
nina: i think its hieroglyphics
fabian writes the hieroglyphics on some paper
nina: ok well we found hieroglyphics but we better go before we get caught
fabian: i agree lets go
nina opens the wall/door thing with her locket and they leave the attic

scene 5 what do the hieroglyphics mean
alfie: where were you guys last night? i was hoping we could watch a movie
fabian: we…we were in the attic
alfie: sweet…why?
nina: because this weird old guy told me there is a painting in the attic that has hieroglyphics on it.
alfie: did you find it?
fabian: yes we did we are trying to find out what the hieroglyphics mean as we speak would you like to join us
alfie: sure i’d love to
fabian: ok now this symbol means under
alfie: and this one means 8
nina: and this means stairs, maybe something is under the 8th stair lets check tonight after everyone is fast asleep!

scene 6 the key under the stairs
everyone: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
nina: alright i brought the stuff
alfie: what stuff
nina: the stuff for taking out floor boards
alfie: ah
nina: so i just slide this under here and..
nina breaks the floor
alfie: i can’t find anything in here
fabian: look there is a key
nina: i wonder what it opens
victor: who is there
nina: you guys go to your rooms i’ll hide
fabian: ok good luck
fabian and alfie leave and then victor trips on the broken stair and hurts his leg
victor goes in to his office and then nina sneaks into her room

The End.

Welcome to Project Diarrhea!

Welcome to Project Diarrhea! This is where my sister and I are going to post different projects that we make throughout the year. We have many plans for the year ahead and we want to showcase all of them with this blog. We’re going to try and update as frequently as we can. Something that we do all year is write and direct plays that we do with our cousins. These plays are based on the Nickelodeon show, “House of Anubis,” but we also plan to make more soon.

Our version of House of Anubis is made considering that we only have four actors: three boys and one girl. With this, we need to consider which people we are going to include. We had to select between some of the most important characters to include. We resorted to Nina Martin, Fabian Rutter, Alfie Lewis, Victor Rodenmaar, and Sara Frobisher-Smythe. Soon; we’re also introducing Patricia Williamson, Joy Mercer, and Rufus Zeno. We do this based on the fact that we don’t need every character in every scene. And since we have only one girl, we’ve needed to make a few characters boys. These characters include Sara Frobisher-Smythe, who we’ve renamed Sam Frobisher-Smythe; and Patricia Williamson, who we’ve renamed Patrick Williamson.

We did mess up a little bit with the House of Anubis plays. We’ve included True Jackson and Ryan Laserbeam from “True Jackson, VP” in some of our earlier plays. We’ve abruptly removed them from the storyline. We also included Gellert Grindelwald from “Harry Potter” but we’re going to make him reveal himself as Rufus Zeno in one of the next episodes, similar to how he announces himself to be Rufus Zeno, not Rene Zeldman, in the actual show.

Some of our newer plays are musicals. We do perform some of them as musicals, and we mostly write our own music, but sometimes we do covers of other people’s music. For our Christmas episode; we did covers of Christmas music. Soon, I’m going to post all of the scripts and their storylines (in the newer episodes).

We also do more things besides plays. Sometimes we also do carnivals; which are like this big collection of board games where you can earn or lose money for playing. You can invest money in Monopoly and Life, so when people land on one of your properties or spin your Long Term Investment, you get money. We’ve recently done a Christmas Carnival called the Santa’s Fun Fair that’s going to end next week. We’re going to post more about our carnivals later. I’ve taken pictures of all of the games with my iPod.

For now, I’m going to try and post the House of Anubis scripts. I’m going to make posts for the scripts, which are going to be connected through one big House of Anubis page. I’m really excited for the next season of House of Anubis. Joy is back this season, which I think is going to be really weird because she never really said anything much last season. I don’t necessarily like House of Anubis but it might be the most addicting thing ever and the new season is very excited. I didn’t actually watch it when the last season premiered but I watched every episode on and I downloaded all of the episodes for free on iTunes.

Okay, bye! I’ll hopefully post up the House of Anubis scripts soon!

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